TAROT consultation

Consulting the tarot connects you to the whisperings of your soul and offers practical ways to move forward.



AWAKEN intuition

1 x session AWAKEN (online) – One-hour psychosynthesis tarot consultation. Perfect for guidance to a question that’s troubling you. The cards will illuminate where you are holding yourself back and what your intuition wants for you. The session includes coaching. Very practical guidance. No specific question is required.*

*You can enhance your AWAKEN experience by selecting an ACTIVATE package within two weeks

ACTIVATE intuition

3 x month ACTIVATE package (online) – 3 x one hour psychosynthesis tarot sessions across three months, including 2 x optional three card pulls delivered by video. Discover the different aspects of yourself and how to include your fears and intuition to make better decisions with the support and guidance of the tarot and psychosynthesis life coaching.

ALIGN intuition

3 x month ALIGN package (in-person or online) – 6 x one hour 1:1 psychosynthesis life and leadership coaching sessions across three months. Meeting fortnightly across three months we will work towards a goal of your choice in coaching sessions which can include mindfulness, guided visualisation and tarot. This pathway starts with a one-hour initial consultation which is free of charge to decide if it feels right for you. This is a transformative path holding space to discover whether your intuition feels right, how to soothe your fears, communicate better and move forwards with greater self-belief.

Use the Tarot to guide you to your next steps.

The Tarot are a gateway to deeper meaning and insights in your present situation and a guide for direction and next steps. 

Each image in the Tarot deck represents one of the human archetypes, making Tarot a gateway to deeper meaning and insight in your life. 

I read the cards using psychosynthesis ‘soul psychology’ card spreads. Holding in mind a challenge or issue you are presently facing, the cards will guide you towards clarity and insight, shining a light on unconscious drivers so that you can have more control over choice and direction. 

You don’t need to believe in the Tarot to work in this way. The cards simply reflect your human-ness and give you a fresh perspective.

Online consultations are 1 hour long and via Zoom. There are two screens so that we can speak to each other and you can see the card table as well. And – yes – the *magic* still works!

Thank you for a really relaxed, intuitive Tarot reading that was amazingly accurate! I loved every minute of our session. It was huge in every aspect – I truly gained from it.


Transpersonal coach and Astrologer

I had a Tarot Reading with Sam at a very crucial point in my life where I had to make important decisions. She was very intuitive, calming and absolutely spot on! I left the session with greater clarity and insight. I highly recommend Sam’s reading for anyone who is at a crossroads in life or business, and need clarity to move forward.

Independent Financial Advisor

I really enjoyed my tarot card reading with Sam. It was a powerful and insightful session and Sam is an excellent guide. The insights and awareness that I gained from the reading have made me get clear on changes I need to make personally and professionally around an issue I’ve been grappling with, and it has given me the confidence to take the action required. Thank you Sam.


Career Coach and HR Consultant

TAROT – what is tarot                         PSYCHOSYNTHESIS – what is psychosynthesis

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Discover what's happening unconsciously


Psychologically maps where you are stuck and how to release blocks


Practical advice on how to move on


Discover what to 'call in'


Work directly with your intuition


Gain broader perspective



All coaching is done under the code of ethics and practice of the Association of Holistic and Complimentary Practitioners



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