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Psychosynthesis self-development coaching packages are for anyone who’s ready to make the unconscious conscious, get out of over-thinking, connect to intuition and create meaningful change. Scroll down for testimonials and case studies from:


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Career Changers

..folks like you who were seeking meaningful change using coaching, consultations, events, workshops and meditations.


I had a series of 6 coaching sessions with Sam Pope to help me focus on my business strategy. Sam has great intuition and really helped me stay true to myself and my vision and let go of what I thought I needed to do. By asking specific questions she carefully led me down a path of self-awareness and realisation of what matters to me and what I really want to stand for.  Sam has a wealth of experience in life, business and coaching techniques, and as a client, you benefit from that. If you are looking for some direction and focus in your business, I truly recommend seeing Sam.


Nutritional Therapist

I loved working with the tarot during my coaching – I found it a really fantastic platform to gain insight into what I was fearful of and what I was looking for; a kind of ‘bigger picture’ guidance.


Sam really changed my experience of my life and enabled me to create just what I wanted.


Business Owner

I would highly recommend working with Sam to anyone seeking personal development/self work.


I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Sam, she is warm, empathic and present. She makes me feel like I was really being heard, and brought attention to things I was not aware of about myself. The work we did was much more practical than I imagined and it made me become more of a witness of my own thoughts. A window has been opened for me. Thank you Sam.


Neuro-developmental Therapist

Can’t recommend Sam enough. She understands the complex role of the business leader and what makes people thrive. She helps cut through the complexities to get to the real essence of who you are, what you want and how to be your authentic and optimum self.


C Level Executive


I had a Tarot Consultation with Sam, at a very crucial point in my life where I had to make important decisions. She was very intuitive, calming and absolutely spot on! I left the session with greater clarity and insight. I highly recommend Sam’s consultation for anyone who is at a crossroads in life or business, and need clarity to move forward. Thanks Sam!



I’ve had a Psychosynthesis Tarot Card consultation with Sam. I was astonished at the relevance to me of the spreads of cards she used. I was amazed that such insightful reading could be done on line. She used her meld of knowledge of the Cards with intuition about the subject – me! – to provide a reading of rich meaning for me. I recommend you try it!


Your tarot consultation was amazing! It empowered me lots in my thesis writing.. What a great talent, thank you.


I loved my consultation. I couldn’t believe how spot on and how relevant everything you said was. I highly recommend your tarot card consultation to anyone and everyone 100%.


Simply stunning! I had my first tarot experience yesterday. I had some specific questions which Sam’s reading and coaching helped me to reveal responses to. She also engaged deeply with the cards and with me to make sense of what the cards could mean for my current and future path for my career and my personal healing. This has really added clarity for me for where I am now. I feel reassured and refreshed! Sam’s approach is warm, engaging, patient and deep. This has been an intensely fulfilling experience which I know I will gift to friends and to myself going forward. Thank you Sam for opening this window onto my world and adding joy to my creative process, to my life. Your gift is truly amazing.


Highly recommend getting a tarot consultation with Sam. My session really helped me get some clarity on a situation guided by the cards and her coaching. I can now make/not make thanks to the session and really glad I did it. Sam explained the cards and the meanings really well and knew how to relate them to my situation whilst coaching me through it.


I had a consultation with Sam this fall and it completely mirrored any of my astrological delineations I was moving through and towards. Sam is the real-deal and coaching me through some important questions I had, supporting me with her deep presence and support. This is far more than a card reading.


Astrological consultant

Sam is one of the most beautiful, warm and positive person. She has aura of calmness which immediately makes everything look more easy and clear. My tarot consultation with Sam has been incredible. Her knowledge for tarot is unmissable. She has brought so many indirect changes in my life for all good reasons. Thank you so much and you will always be forever in need! Highly, highly recommend Sam!


Astrological consultant

I had the best consultation with Sam! So glad I chose this experience…. Very highly recommend! She is very gentle and sensitive. Absolutely right on to what my needs were. She is caring and empathetic, and gives excellent advice. I felt like I had deep therapy and it really opened my eyes to what I need to do to move my life in a better direction. So very grateful and will absolutely book another consultation with her in the near future.


Sam has an outstanding intuitive gift for life coaching using the Tarot for guidance. The cards perfectly told the story of my life that Sam expertly interpreted to provide advice and guidance about the next steps for an improved life path ahead. One of the best spiritual coaches I’ve had the good grace to spend time with. Thank you for your wise counsel.


Wonderful experience! The consultation with Sam was very relaxing and at the same time extremely insightful. Even though we had our session online, Sam ensures safe and open space where we can connect and exchange.


Thank you for the calm and connected (to the whole) psychosynthesis tarot consultation. It feels like you have found a very creative way of using the Egg and the Star Model as tarot card spreads. I am sure Assagioli would be pleased of your way to expand Psychosynthesis. I felt a relief when the cards showed me what I also feel inside. Actually, I would say that the cards made me hear even clearer what I already felt was right for me. Thanks again for the clear and calm reading, I have a new, creative energy around my next steps.


I really enjoyed my tarot card consultation with Sam. It was a powerful and insightful session and Sam is an excellent guide. The insights and awareness that I gained from the consultation have made me get clear on changes I need to make personally and professionally around an issue I’ve been grappling with, and it has given me the confidence to take the action required. Thank you Sam.


Career Coach and HR Consultant

I was lucky enough to have a tarot consultation with Sam. I felt I was in safe hands. Sam has a lovely way about her and this shows in her approach. This reading was different to my other readings and she goes much deeper and opens up things you didn’t even think about. I loved the consultation. It gave me great insight into my situation and I would highly recommend Sam.


Tarot and palmistry reader


I recently attended Sam’s How to get unstuck webinar which allowed me to take some time for myself and start to process the three As of how to get unstuck and identify what I most need right now to move forward. Sam’s approach is gentle and understanding and her explanation of the concepts was detailed and clear. I’d highly recommend attending one of her webinars so that you can too can gain greater insight into yourself and how to get unstuck.


I attended Sam Pope’s “live your best life” workshop and found it both profound and enjoyable. I loved working with the others in the workshop, Sam ensured that we all felt safe to be very honest with each other and the questions she asked to enable that were extremely creative. Sam facilitated with warmth and wisdom the exploration of our own inner life which resulted in some great insights for me to take away to help me to indeed, live my best life.


I attended Sam’s Live The Life You Want workshop and can highly recommend it. During the two hour workshop Sam used a mixture of mindfulness and creativity exercises that really gets you thinking on your feet and allows you to learn so much about yourself whilst sharing with, and nurturing, others in the group. I left feeling calm, incredibly positive and very grateful. Thank you Sam, for your lovely gentle motivation, insight and amazingly soothing voice!


Thank you for your talk on ‘How to hold space for your clients’. It was one of the best business development talks I’ve seen. Loved the interactive element.


I loved the discussions that your ‘How to hold space for your clients’ business development talk started and hearing how people have used the insights to help them develop.


An excellent workshop really got my mind active and thinking without thinking if that makes sense! You took us through a journey with being able to connect with others. Highly recommend this workshop.


I have attended many of Sam’s mindfulness classes on Tuesday evenings. What Sam brings to the table is like nothing I’ve experienced before. Her work is holistic, rich and insightful. As well as always feeling much more relaxed when I leave her sessions, I also always take away a nugget of something intuitive to move forward with. What is more, her classes are never the same. She works hard to use different mediums and methods to guide her meditations. I could not rate her highly enough. If you’re on the fence – definitely take the jump and join the sessions – you will not regret it! She is excellent.


Sam’s meditations are very relaxing – she has a lovely relaxing and soothing voice and gently guides you in her meditations to connect to your breath and to your inner guidance. Sam is very approachable and provides a safe space for people to meditate and to share their experiences of being in the present moment. Sam is a very professional coach who has been on her own inner journey and together with her experience of being a successful entrepreneur means she is in a perfect position to coach others who are looking to connect to their purpose.


Executive Coach

I went to one of Sam’s meditation groups in London and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to joining Sam on one of her Tuesday online meditation classes.



I’m a regular attendee of Sam’s weekly meditation circle and its been hugely beneficial for me. Its the one chance in the week where I’m truly able to switch off and reset and Sam leads the sessions so beautifully by making everyone feel so welcome. Sam’s calm and soothing demeanour makes the sessions even more enjoyable as she leads you through the meditation sessions which vary week to week. I highly recommend both Sam as a meditation teacher and the group sessions.


Sam is truly wonderful and I would highly recommend her as a life coach and mindfulness expert! I’m lucky enough to have known Sam for many years personally and recently benefited from her coaching along with mindfulness and meditation sessions. She has so much knowledge and insight and shares it beautifully with care giving real attention to her clients. Sam has also brought a delicious group of people together through her meditation sessions and I love being part of it all. Thank you Sam x



I’ve attended several meditation and oracle card consultation sessions with Sam. They’ve been a safe place for my mind to rest and really enjoy the moment more. I definitely recommend Sam’s sessions. She’s calm, collected, knowledgeable and professional.



Having attended several of Sam’s meditation workshops, I can honestly say Sam is fantastic at what she does. At the time I was very stressed about my exams and feeling very overwhelmed. Sam’s guidance really helped me calm down and in turn, really boosted my productivity. I always looks forward to joining Sam on more or her sessions!


Mortgage Advisor

I’ve been particularly enjoying Sam’s Guided Visualisation sessions. They’ve given me clarity on creative matters, as well as inspiration and encouragement. I really find taking some time out from “doing” particularly useful to let my brain rest and welcome any creative input.



I joined Sam’s new moon visualisation, and as a novice to meditation and visualisation, I really enjoyed it and found it really relaxing and interesting how your mind can take you to certain places, see certain objects and I left with a positive warm fuzzy feeling afterwards. Highly recommended.




Sam’s online, weekly meditation groups for our staff were really helpful during lockdown. Not only did they help staff feel productive, but they really boosted positivity.


Sam Pope hosts regular meditation sessions in our office and the feedback is very positive. Staff have reported that they feel better afterwards and more focussed, and wellbeing has generally improved as a result.


Company Secretary & General Counsel, Green Park, Mayfair


I cannot recommend Sam Pope enough, her tone, her engagement, her endless toolkit that she has ready to go! She engaged a global audience on Healing Our Earth, has a wonderful bank of mindfulness exercises and so much more.


Healing Our Earth