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Client love

I had a series of 6 coaching sessions with Sam Pope to help me focus on my business strategy. Sam has great intuition and really helped me stay true to myself and my vision and let go of what I thought I needed to do. By asking clever questions she carefully lead me down a path of self-awareness and realisation of what matters to me and what I really want to stand for.  Sam has a wealth of experience in life, business and coaching techniques, and as a client, you benefit from that. If you are looking for some direction and focus in your business, I truly recommend seeing Sam.


Nutritional Therapist

Thank you for the calm and connected (to the whole) psychosynthesis tarot consultation. It feels like you have found a very creative way of using the Egg and the Star Model as tarot card spreads. I am sure Assagioli would be pleased of your way to expand Psychosynthesis. I felt a relief when the cards showed me what I also feel inside. Actually, I would say that the cards made me hear even clearer what I already felt was right for me. Thanks again for the clear and calm reading, I have a new, creative energy around my next steps.


I attended Sam Pope’s “live your best life” workshop and found it both profound and enjoyable. I loved working with the others in the workshop, Sam ensured that we all felt safe to be very honest with each other and the questions she asked to enable that were extremely creative. Sam facilitated with warmth and wisdom the exploration of our own inner life which resulted in some great insights for me to take away to help me to indeed, live my best life.


Sam Pope hosts regular meditation sessions in our office and the feedback is very positive. Staff have reported that they feel better afterwards and more focussed, and wellbeing has generally improved as a result.


Company Secretary & General Counsel, Green Park, Mayfair