January: talking to the moon

by | Jan 20, 2023 | BLOG

With every turn into a New Year we’re encouraged to reflect and review. But we also have the shorter 28 day cycle of the moon which constantly waxes and wanes along each 365 days, nudging us into reflection and fullness as we navigate our human lives.

The third Tuesday of the month has been my arbitrary date selection to host Moon Phase Rituals at the Vitruvian Wellness Centre in NW3. And next Tuesday 24th January we will be in a waxing Piscean moon.

Waxing slowly into fullness, we will be in the first few days of an emotional Aquarian new moon cycle which starts on Saturday. By Tuesday the moon will be under the sensitive and perceptive sign of Pisces giving us the opportunity to look creatively and imaginatively at a project that we’re working on that we’re feeling anxious about. I will be guiding you into a meditation where you can allow your unconscious mind to show your best next steps and give you the emotional encouragement that you’re looking for with this project.

Come and join me in circle for this guided visualisation experience where we can harness the waxing Piscean moon energy to bring your creative project into fruition.

For tickets and more information please visit the Vitruvian Wellness site.