The power of networking for business success

by | Sep 26, 2023 | BLOG

If you were to ask me about how my previous business became a UK market leader I would say, “It was all about the people”. Not only did we hire competent and professional staff, but we also networked with our competition and local businesses. It was through networking that we discovered opportunities, were inspired by others, noticed our differentiators and became stronger in our niche market.

Last month I put a shout out to my network to talk to anyone having problems with decision-making. It was such an illuminating experience! I interviewed seven people and heard real-life dilemmas. Throughout the conversations I noticed that the way we approach decision-making is fundamentally linked to how we approach the relationship to ourselves and others. In other words, decisions don’t feel entirely good if we are putting other people’s needs first, but, even if we are putting our own needs first we can be wracked with self-doubt.

This got me thinking about how I support different needs within the intuitive coaching space, and how, when it comes to making decisions, we can call on the four Tarot Queens as symbolic archetypes to help to re-frame four different approaches to decision-making as ‘discover’, ‘enquire’, ‘explore’ and ‘inspire’. I created an online Decision-Maker profiler which my lovely network has been beta-testing and which has had great reviews and given my marketing list a boost!

Earlier this summer I was networking at the Psychosynthesis Summer School, Sweden (courtesy of the EPA). Conversations with other psychosynthesis practitioners reminded me of the reason behind my choice to become an intuitive life coach, which is to be of service to others while being of service to myself. There is such simplicity in this statement – you simply cannot be of service to another human being if you are not looking after your own needs first. This inspired me to create a new business development talk called, “How to Hold Space for your Clients” which I am hosting all winter across the Athena Network, where I work backwards from the statement ‘for a successful business you must hold space successfully for your clients’ -> to -> ‘to hold space successfully for your clients you must have clear personal and professional boundaries’. So far the talk has created numerous posts on LinkedIn discussing the importance of personal boundaries in order to be a happy business person.

And finally, networking with my tarot buddies. Such a joy to explore ideas around supporting ourselves and our clients with the question: ‘how can I feel ease in letting go so that I can move forwards?’ The card we pulled? The High Priestess – a reminder to embody the intuitive, divine feminine; ‘to know’ without seeing, ‘to be’ without doing, to become, to lean in with ease, to remember and not forget and most of all – to keep it simple. A great ‘power’ mantra for the month ahead!

If you’re feeling a bit stuck, discover your Decision-Maker Profile to find out why by following this link.